Pardon the Interruption

22 May

But I need to make one thing clear.

If you think anxiety is something society made up so that insecure people could put a label on themselves and feel better, I need you to click the little “x” at the top of your screen and get the fuck out of here. I’m. Not. Joking.

I’ve spent far too much of my time being told I was a “worrier.” There are days when going outside terrifies me. When I can’t stand in a crowd of people. Or I have to be alone RIGHTNOW because I cannot take another second of noise. Three days ago I was in the middle of Ann Taylor and my heart started racing. I started to see stars. I couldn’t breath. THAT IS NOT NORMAL.

(Also, Ann Taylor is a terribly sophisticated place for someone to have a panic attack. Luckily, I’ve gotten incredibly good at hiding them.)

If you made it this far, and you still think I’m a wacko, I encourage you to go here. Then report back if ANY OF THIS sounds like fun.


One Response to “Pardon the Interruption”

  1. Senor Feliz May 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    at Ann Taylor?!?! Well, of course you had a panic attack…you saw the price tag! Hang in there lady…you’re well loved by many

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