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I’m Practically A Jonas

11 Sep

The other day, a friend of mine in Atlanta (I’ll keep her name private but give her mad props for the title of this post, and also the idea behind it) sent me a Facebook message that said:

So, on the most recent “Married to Jonas” Dani reveals that she struggles w/ anxiety and takes medication for it, so I think you should write a blog post listing why you’re basically a Jonas. And yes, feel free to judge me for watching “Married to Jonas.”

Now, I’m still not entirely sure who these Jonas characters are – did they come from the Disney Channel, or did the Disney Channel just pick them up? This getting old thing is for the birds.

I admit, I had to Google this Dani girl, but now that I have, I kind of want to give her a hug. Just like Vogue & Victoria’s Secret tell us the only way to live is if you’re a size zero and only eat lettuce and maybe celery on special occasions, she had the guts to stand up and say, “Hi, I take drugs to deal with my life. And I’m ok with it.”

I’m not famous, famous for being famous, or even pseudo-famous, but I also take drugs to deal with my daily life. Ok, wait, that came out wrong… I take prescription drugs that are monitored by my doctor, I don’t buy them on the street corner.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the pros and cons of taking mood-altering drugs. She told me she had to feel her feelings to get through this rough patch she’s having, and in a lot of ways, she’s right. Using a pharmaceutical to hide from pain or feelings is not the way to go. But when everything HURTS and you can’t figure out WHY… and nothing makes you feel better; not talking, or shopping, or reading, or taking a nap – usually it’s more than “I’m sad and I don’t know what to do.” The sadness that invades your every day life isn’t “normal”- and “feeling the feelings” is only the answer if it actually helps.

There’s no shame in the tiny white pill I take at bed time. That tiny white pill has saved me from myself on more than one occasion, and my heart hurts for people who still stand in the shadow of a never ending depression because they refuse to see that a medical option may be the answer.

Mad props to Dani Jonas for speaking out and revealing what can be a painful and embarrassing “secret”. I hope other celebrities follow her lead.

And also – now that I’m practically a Jonas… no autographs, please.