It’s A Metaphor, Kids

3 Oct

I am standing on a cliff, my toes curled along the edge. I stretch my arms out, feel the wind through my hair and the sun on my face.

Below me is a river. I don’t know if there are rocks at the bottom. It looks cool & inviting.

Behind me is a road. It is dusty. And bumpy. Its twists and turns have brought me here, to this cliff. To this moment. I am tired from the journey and anxious for a rest.


I could jump. For a few, brief seconds, I could feel the sweet relief of weightlessness.  The water could envelope me, wash me clean. It could revive me. It could baptize me into another person. Someone who gives a damn, who isn’t so afraid. 

Or the jump could kill me.

I turn and continue my journey down the dusty, bumpy road. I trust it will someday lead me to the place where I need to be.


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