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So, I Wrote This…

16 Jul

…which really shouldn’t come as any surprise, since I write everything that’s on this blog… but this is different. This is for… public consumption, I guess? It’s part of a script, for an event, that’s going to be attended by some pretty important ladies. And since writing for me is SO PERSONAL (like, I pour basically my whole heart into it, and then once I finish I need to take a nap because it feels like I’ve given blood, or a kidney or something) I wanted to run it by all of you so you can tell me if it’s bad. Because if you don’t, my boss might. (She’ll make that “I’m really disappointed in you” face that’s worse than yelling because I’m from the Midwest and I have a guilt complex [and also because of my anxiety issues])

So this.. thing… is being called a “reflection” – a time to (derp) reflect and not be a fancy businesswoman in a power suit and Louboutins, but just a person. Tell me if it’s bad? Or hokey? Or if you like it? But don’t lie to spare my feelings (because my boss won’t… and, again, I’d rather not see her disappointed face.)

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Fine lines, crows feet, hairs that are out of place? Or perhaps a little too much here, or not enough there?

We’re trained by outside influences, and even, let’s admit it, each other, to see our flaws – the bad stuff. The things we want to fix.

How about today, instead of judging ourselves harshly, criticizing our “flaws”, we look into our mirrors and see the beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) events that made us who we are:

Years of wisdom from our friends, family, and mentors. Millions of smiles at weddings, and baptisms, and brunches. Hair out of place from the wind blowing through it when we put the top down on the highway. The cupcake from your best friend’s birthday that you SWEAR went straight to your hips. And the figure that your grandmother gave your mother, and she passed on to you.

You, my friend, are the sum of many parts, the product of years of sculpting and design. Your body reflects hardships and pain – and yet it mirrors the laughter and joy you’ve been privy to, the dark clouds always giving way to shining sun.

Each of us have been given a precious endowment–our contribution to this world is that we are uniquely ourselves, and we must treat this gift, and the gift of the other wonderful women in our lives with respect, with honor, and most of all, with love.

And so, when you look in the mirror, do not see the flaws – see the beauty that comes from wisdom, struggle, and triumph. See the exquisiteness in each other.