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I’m Afraid of the Dark

3 Dec

Normally, night time is my favorite time. There are pajamas, and DVR’s, and cute four legged kitties to cuddle with. I’m also a bit of a night owl (thanks, Mom!) and I get my best ideas in the evening.

But lately, something has been… off. Nighttime is starting to feel oppressive, like all the worlds troubles suddenly light up and remind me of their existence. When the sun starts to set, and I crawl into my bed (basically my favorite place in the world), I begin to think about all of the things I haven’t accomplished, all of my faults… all the bad stuff. It keeps me awake, and I don’t like it. My bed, once my sanctuary, has started to become my prison.

I’ve always had a hard time turning my brain off, and now it’s getting worse.

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Does nighttime make you sad?