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Don’t Let The Haters Get You Down

20 Mar

I had a particularly traumatic high school experience (seriously, if you think bullying doesn’t exist in your kid’s school – you have another thing coming), but I was very fortunate to have a mother who instilled in me some very important ideals, including:

People come into your lives, and they leave – for better or worse – but these people are put in our path to teach us something.

The folks at Wal-Mart teach you how not to dress, the rebound guy teaches us that life is indeed worth living after heartbreak, and the friends you lose along the way… well, I guess they teach you what you can and cannot tolerate in other people, be it friendships or relationships.

In the three years I’ve lived in Houston, to be completely honest, I’ve lost A LOT of friends. People I thought would never walk away did. Some of these people, I trusted with deep, dark secrets. A few of them I miss – but many, I don’t. Because these friends taught me what I can’t tolerate (cattiness, pettiness, competition) and led me to people who have shown me what I need (unconditional support, honesty, and an occasional “chin up, you’re fucking awesome” text). And you know what? They made me understand what I deserve. (Nothing less than absolutely, 100% the best.)

The saying goes “don’t let the haters get you down” – but the truth is, the haters have the most to show us. And it pisses them off when you don’t get mad – you get more awesome.