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In Honor of My Hero

20 Sep

In 2006, I received a phone call that changed my life. I was required to do an internship to graduate from college, and knew if I was gonna do it, it was gonna be somewhere warm. So three days after Christmas, I packed up and moved to Atlanta, GA, where I’d never even visited, for an internship with Atlanta Motor Speedway, in marketing & promotions.

Motorsports is a male-dominate field, which kind of makes sense, but my boss was female. And she was a power-house. She’d been recruited by the track from a race team, moving to Atlanta and living in one of the condos above the track until her place in Charlotte sold. She was in that condo when the big tornado blew through, caused millions of dollars of damage, and was subsequently rebuilt faster than a flash to prepare for the upcoming race.

From the moment I met Marcy Scott, she was my idol. Here was a woman who ran with the big dogs, knew how much shit to take before she flexed her muscle, and was an absolute PR genius.

I spent five months as Marcy’s intern, and in that time, we became friends. I like to think she saw in me a little bit of herself. I ate my first sushi with her, downed garlic-butter rolls at Scalini’s, and experienced some of Atlanta’s finest sports venues in style. 

A handful of years ago, I found out she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. What would be devastating to anyone else became a personal challenge to Marcy. And she kicked its ass. For a while. Without going into too much detail, because it isn’t necessary, my friend Marcy is losing her battle. Cancer is a fucking asshole.

Reading the posts on her Facebook wall reminds me of what an amazing person she was. I am SO LUCKY to have been her student. She was never too busy for my questions – even after I left Atlanta. Truly, she became my professional inspiration and mentor. 

My heart is breaking – because her family doesn’t deserve this, because her kitties don’t deserve this, because the NASCAR community doesn’t deserve this… but mostly because Marcy is and always will be such a positive influence on so many people. It breaks my heart that a new generation of interns will never get to learn from her. I guess I was just really, really lucky.

Bless you, Marcy. May your journey be as painless as possible. I, for one, cannot wait to see your beautiful smile again.